Third Party (Silent Partner) Consulting

Do These 4 Questions Apply to YOU or YOUR Agency?

1) Do these descriptions fit your current or expected employer client base?:

  • Medium-sized (50 to 500) eligible employees working 30+ hours per week?
  • Mix of blue collar and service sector employee types earning medium to low hourly wages? Example: Food Services, Hospitality, Agricultural, Nursing Homes
  • Franchise owner groups or single owner multiple franchises?

2) In the last four years, have you recommended a partially self-funded MEC or MVP (Obamacare) solution for any of your clients/prospects?

  • If Yes to the above – Do you have a Conversion strategy if Repeal/Repair/Replace is succesful in 2017?

3) Are looking for a unique marketing edge, with the intent to aggressively market you consultancy?

4) Would you consider accepting assistance (no cost or obligation) from outside your agency (third party consultant) for one or more of the following?

  • Evaluation and comparison of client/prospect MEC/MVP/Indemnity Plan?
  • Evaluation and comparison of the top competitive MEC/MVP/Indemnity Plans available on the marketplace?
  • Recieve regularly updated intelligence (inside scoop) on any State/Federal Reform/Repair/Repeal activities and how they may affect your client?

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