Broker References

Bruce C. Lichtenberg

Senior Consultant

Benefits Exchange Alliance
3744 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Suite 205, Lafayette CA 9

I have worked with Bill Hammett and Hammett Insurance Services Inc for a number of years.  I have relied heavily on their ability to introduce me to products that no one else could.  They are innovative and totally reputable in what they do and I have been proud to be associated with them.  Finally Bill has been tremendous mentor to me allowing and encouraging meaningful discussions on various topics and he has been a wealth of knowledge in ACA matters and the hourly worker markets.

I am glad to be able to tell you about William Hammett and his General Agency Hammett Insurance Services Inc. (HISI) 

We here at HUB International are careful in our selection of business partners and have been very pleased with the results of working with Hammett Insurance Services Inc.  When we have had clients that lend themselves to Mr. Hammett’s field of expertise, we have leaned on Bill for direction and advice with confidence that he will guide us appropriately and have not been disappointed. 

Bill has always charted a good course for us and our clients and we have been successful using his recommendations and services.  If you would like any specifics on our experience with Hammett Insurance Services Inc., I will be happy to discuss.

David Slaton, CLU, ChFC, CEBS

Vice President
Life and Employee Benefits

HUB International Insurance Services Inc.


Senior Vice President/Director

Employee Benefits Division

Poms & Associates Insurance Brokers

Woodland Hills, CA 91367

We began working with Hammett Insurance Services (HISI) when looking for a resource to assist us in understanding and implementing Limited Medical Benefit, or  “skinny plans” under the Affordable Care Act. We had contacted several companies, and after only several minutes on the phone, we knew we had found a new Partner to work with in this complex area.  Bill is the ultimate professional and expert in the Limited Benefit arena.

Bill is a wealth of knowledge. From the initial quoting of our skinny plan groups, to the sale and implementation of the plans, Bill is an extension of our team.  We count on his expertise to help us manage the day to day challenges that face us and our clients.  He assists in our renewal presentations, and knows more than anyone I know in this area.  He is a valued business partner and continues to exceed our expectations.  Bill is always educating us on the newest trends in the industry which allows us to always be on top of our game in the ever-changing “skinny plan” world!  Bill is a true professional and a pleasure to work with!

William Hammett has been instrumental in helping our team as well as our clients understand, explain and implement a completely new type of health plan. Having Hammett Insurance Services Inc. (HISI) as our subject matter expert has allowed us to focus on the overall client relationship and we are grateful for their support.

Robert T. Hawkes, CEBS

Assistant Vice President

Bolton & Company

Jim Pirkle

Finch & Pirkle Insurance and Financial Affairs

Monterey, CA  93940

My biggest reason for doing business with Mr. Hammett was the peace of mind it gave me so I could sleep easy at night.  I was being courted by a number of agencies that had plans that looked good, but when you dug deeper, with Bill’s help, you discovered a lot of holes.  Hammett Insurance Services Inc. helped us put a plan in place that was not just there to protect the employer, at the expense of the blue collar employee, but a plan that the employees could embrace and get a genuine benefit from.  I work with owners who care about their employee’s and if they have to spend money to meet ACA requirements, they want their employees to get something out of it.  Mr. Hammett gave me a viable solution to give to my employers who needed a plan that made them look good to their employees.

Bill came as a recommendation from one of my colleagues when I needed a solution to high healthcare costs. Having a client with a 40% increase, the solution that Bill provided was perfect for my client’s needs. The company saved a ton and as the consultant, I looked like the hero! Bill has been continuously responsive and helpful with any needs since the inception of the plan.

Rachel Sunday

President/CEO at Playa Vista Insurance Services, Inc.

Christine Lee

Principal, Affinity Benefit Insurance Services

Monterey, CA  93940

I have had the pleasure of working with Bill Hammett over ten years and have continually found him to be an excellent partner in the team. Bill brings creativity in finding ways to meet customer needs and endeavors to ensure all parties are given the best in customer service. I highly recommend Bill and Hammett Marketing Group to provide quality solutions for our clients.

Bill is a pro’s pro in the limited/affordable medical arena.
Bill’s knowledge of the marketplace and passion for offering good, affordable coverage to the uninsured serve his clients and insured participants well.

Jere Cowden

Retired Chairman, Cowden Associates, Inc.

Managing Director, Blue Prairie Group Pittsburgh PA.

Mike Cody, CLU, REBC, RHU

Senior Vice President, Lovitt & Touche’, Inc. Phoenix, AZ

Bill is the most knowledgeable person I know in the area of limited medical benefit plans. He is truly an expert in his field, a consummate professional and a valued business partner.

I have known Bill for several years. He is a proven market leader and frequently exhibits very innovative and successful approaches in marketing and sales. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to grow revenue and the organizations where he has worked. I highly recommend Bill for any opportunity requiring trust and responsibility.

R. M. Trout, EdD, RHU, REBC

Leader – Alliances, Foundations, Networks and Board of Directors

Jameson Vie

Insurance Solutions Manager at SASid, Inc

With an unmatched balance of knowledge and professionalism, Bill is a great partner. There’s no doubt he knows the Limited Medical market and the health insurance industry as a whole. Bill is the guy you want in your court hands-down.