Medicare for All is NOT Happening

Unfortunately for most of the current crop of Democratic presidential contenders, their number 1 litmus test for inclusion appears to be a fast-moving freight train to oblivion. Reason: Medicare for All has no chance of ever happening. Forget all of the many complicated reasons for this being so, here are the three most compelling ones:

Number 1 – 2/3rds of the US is covered by private insurance (mostly through employers or individual plans) that a large majority (over 70% in recent polls) value and do not want to give up, certainly not for an unproven government scheme dependent on bureaucrats to create and manage.

Number 2 – Believe it or not, the estimated $32 Trillion price tag is NOT #2. At this price, reimbursement to hospitals and doctors will need to be reduced by something close to 40% because that is what Medicare currently uses for its payment formula. Doctors and hospitals can’t simply absorb those kinds of pay cuts. Many healthcare facilities, especially those in rural areas, will close their doors, unable to cover their costs under the new payment schedule.

Number 3 – Access to providers. It is estimated that the primary sources of care (facilities and medical professionals) will be reduced by a factor of half in the first ten years after passage of this law. The result will be a healthcare system where everyone has insurance coverage — but not access to care. Proof? Look at wait times in countries with similar systems now in place (Canada and Great Britain)

There are many reasons why Medicare for All is a really bad proposition, but really do you need more than the three above? Good luck Bernie!

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