Let’s Talk – IRS Assessments and ACA Compliance Mistakes

1) Brokers – Do the descriptions below fit your current or targeted client base?

  • Are Medium-sized (50 to 1000) hourly employees working 30+ hours per week?
  • Are over 50% of these workers considered medium to low wages blue collar/service sector employees?
  • Is this employer/client: Food Services, Hospitality, Agricultural, Nursing Homes or Security?
  • Are they franchise owner groups or single owner multiple franchises?
  • Does the hourly benefit plan fail to attract/retain workers?

2) Have you installed or inherited one or more of the following?:

  • A partially self-funded MEC/ MVP or Indemnity Plan(s)?

If Yes to the above –

  • Has your client experience any service or Benefit Admin problems that you have been unable to correct?
  • Has your client received a 226J Shared Responsibility tax notice from the IRS?

Regarding the Above: To date, most of these notices have proven to be wrong. There are several common mistakes in reporting 1095/94 that are triggering assessments. Most IRS notices should be reviewed and challenged

  • Does your client offer a MEC only plan with administrative costs significantly higher than claims ($30 to $50 range)?
  • Does your client offer a MEC/MVP Plan that exposes them to massive claims risk and/or laser out reinsurance coverage due to low enrollment? If you are not sure, the answer is probably YES

I Can Assist – Let me review your situation, I am not affiliated with any insurance company or product, nor do I work directly with employers.

Call me directly at 619-301-7460 for a no-obligation consult

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