Is It Time to Review ACA Compliance?

Please consider taking advantage of these no-cost services to gauge your client’s exposure to IRS penalties because of ACA non-compliance.

Cost and Risk Review of Current Plans

For many brokers, the vague nuances between one ACA compliant plan and another are a mystery. For instance, why is a MEC Only approach actually more costly than a MEC Plus Indemnity Access Based Plan? One costs $50 to $60 (MEC Only) while the other (MEC Plus Indemnity) might be in the $100 range. Also, MVP Plans (Minimum Value) not only fail to attract any enrollment, but often fail to qualify (enrollment minimums) for vital reinsurance protection, leaving your employer wide open for a devastating shock claim, that they will likely be fully responsible for. It is critical to review the current compliance strategy, whether that plan is offered by your client, or offered by a competitor.

Assess Relative Risk of ACA Non-Compliance

Through our partnership with the top-rated ACA compliance service, we provide employers with an array of ACA guidance, both by addressing ongoing compliance needs, but also to assist them in reducing or eliminating IRS penalties associated with ACA non-compliance.

ALE Considerations for Aggregated (Common Ownership) Groups

It is critical to calculate whether an organization is an “Applicable Large Employer” subject to the ACA’s Employer Mandate, and if there is a need to perform a comprehensive IRS Aggregated ALE Group Analysis.

Generate Work Opportunity Tax Credits

You can assist your clients financially, by expediting access to Federal Tax Credits awarded to employees who hire employees in certain designated groups. These Tax Credits amount to as much as $9,600 and have not limits and few restrictions


  • Review 1094-C and 1095-C for accuracy.
  • Projection of likely IRS exposure based on prior compliance strategies
  • Provide a complimentary benefits analysis, with emphasis on risk and expenses (we also provide this for you)
  • Guarantee ongoing monitoring of the above services

Note: All of the above services and assessments are FREE of charge and obligation. Just give us a call or reach out to me directly at: – Direct Line (619) 302-7460

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