For All The SB 562 (CA Single Payor) Fans

Got this directly off the “Support SB 562” site: (with my responses in bold) Enjoy

Tell us about your health care priorities. We will use your responses to push for the passage of SB 562. Check all that apply

·        No more plan-switching or guesswork when insurance rates or plans change – because we have removed all of your choices but one

·        You pick your doctor, not health insurers – because there’s only going to be twelve doctors to choose from (that are willing to become employees of the state)

·        Clinicians make decisions about care, not computers – because California uses “liberal logic” rather than computers

·        Cutting out insurance company waste and duplication – because government is so much more efficient and less wasteful. Imagine getting your healthcare from the DMV?

·        Ending out of control co-pays and high deductibles – sure… I can’t imagine there will be any co-pays or deductibles with a single-payer plan (can you say adverse selection)

·        Public oversight on costs and care, not decisions made in secret – puuuuleeeez! Exactly what does the California insurance Commissioner and his department do, if not public oversight of rates and costs?

·        Managing prescription drug costs – because, state bureaucrats will be more skilled at leveraging big Pharma than say Blue Shield? Sure.

·        Single standard of care to end health inequities – how is that “single standard of care” working with Medi-Cal if they mean shared misery,, then I guess this is correct?

·        Other – for one thing, they will need to improve the highway system, leading into California to accommodate the tens of thousands of medically indigent newcomers that this giveaway will attract from other states. I guess that’s what they’re going to use the eighteen cents per gallon increase for.

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