Dear Friends & Colleagues

My Personal Wish

We are all going through an unprecedented time. As we navigate the challenges that lie ahead, both personally and professionally, my sincerest hope is for your well being and the health of wellbeing of your families.


I wish to offer an invitation to my network of Group Insurance Brokers to reach out if any of the following scenarios are occurring or may come to pass:

1.      Any of your group clients, or your agency, fail to receive the administrative support they deserve from any of your incumbent carriers or carrier designees you currently use.

2.      Your chosen carrier or plan fails to support your members with information or guidance related to their concerns about testing or treatments or coverage related to Covid 19

3.      Your chosen carrier or plan fails to advise your clients on alternatives to premium payment or extended grace periods, particularly for laid off employees.

4.      You are unable to easily reach customer support for answers to any of the above

5.      If offering a MEC plan – Does the plan offer (monthly aggregate) reinsurance and return on surplus or unused claims?

My Offer

I am pleased to report that all of my broker/employer clients have had full access and support for all of their questions and concerns. Part of the reason for this is that we have always evaluated and recommended carrier/plans that have a proven track record of responsiveness and customer client support, particularly when under duress or when conditions are not optimal. 

As we recover from this crisis, I would invite you to request a retrospective review of your chosen plan or carrier, particularly the plans that serve the hourly workforce sector. We will pay particular attention to their performance during this critical period. If they fell short of your expectations, or you have reason to believe they may not be up to the task, I can provide alternatives to as your third party advisor.

I do not contact employers directly and I do not charge any fee for my services. Let’s get through this together, I remain available now for any call or questions you may have.


William Hammett

Hammett Consulting

Direct Line – (619) 301 7460

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