3 Tips to Growing Your Agency Book

Please Note: The following suggestions are intended to primarily benefit low to moderate wage service employers. The strategies outlined will not be as effective in a high income “white collar” environment.

Step 1.    Identify: Targeted Clients/Prospects?

  • Medium-sized (50 to 1000) hourly employees working 30+ hours per week?
  • 50% medium to low wages blue collar employees?
  • Service Employers: Food Services, Hospitality, Agricultural, Nursing Homes
  • Light manufacturing or retail?
  • Franchise owner groups or single owner multiple franchises?

Step 2.   Prospect: Look Smarter than the In-Force Agent

The following questions are designed to reveal a poorly executed strategy by the in-force consultant. You will pick up one new client for every ten you ask the following questions.

1. Turnover problems? – Do you have more than 50% turnover in their hourly workforce?

2. Are there more than 100 hourly or part-time employees working for you?

3. Do you offer these hourly workers a MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage) or MVP (Minimum Value Plan)?

4. Are your compliant plans MEC only?  (it is likely they pay way too much for administration)

5. Does your MVP plan have any enrolled employees? Are you certain it includes reinsurance?

6. Does your MEC plan return unused claims after runout?

7. Have you experienced poor customer support or generally bad administration?

Step 3. Act: Review (Correct) Current Compliance Mistakes

Provide a *complimentary ACA review and assessment (services available and no cost from Hammett Insurance Services Inc)

  • Determine if group is ALE (Applicable Large Employer) by reviewing hours of service and look back analysis and whether separate entities should be grouped for ALE.
  • Review 1094-C and 1095-C for accuracy.
  • Projection of likely IRS exposure based on prior compliance strategies
  • Provide a complimentary benefits analysis, with emphasis on risk and expenses (we also provide this for you)
  • Guarantee ongoing monitoring of the above services

*Use of certain unique tax credits to offset cost to provide these services.

Step 4 is to contact us for more details (services available and no cost from Hammett Insurance Services Inc)

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