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I believe in MEC Plus plans that include insured benefits. MEC provides the legal/compliance component, while the insured benefits attract employees and create the perception of value.

do not believe in MEC ONLY or plans that comply with the B penalty (minimum value) these plans are referred to as MVP plans. MVP plans are costly by design and are usually intended to deter employees from enrolling in them. These plans often leave the employer vulnerable to excessive risk and do nothing to help retain valuable employees, a very large expense by itself. 

I will usually advise employers contribute 100% of the employee premium. An employer is far better off paying the entire cost for employees (around $95 to $100 pepm) as the ROI (retention of employees and the reduction in *worker comp fraud) is usually greater than this relatively small expense.

*Every plan should contain $2,500 to $10,000 in off the job accident coverage

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As a professional group insurance broker, you probably do not work with non-traditional MEC or Indemnity plans very often. We do and that is why we are a necessary support service for your agency. We charge NOTHING for our services and nobody in America knows this space as well as we do. 

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