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2 Questions:

1) Have you recommended or Inherited partially self-funded MEC/ MVP or Indemnity Plans?

If Yes to the above – Do you have a *Conversion Strategy if Repeal/Repair/Replace is successful in 2017/18?

2) Would you consider outside assistance (MEC/MVP Indemnity plan expert) for one or more of the following?

  • Creation of a turn key conversion strategy in the event of Repeal/Repair/Replace?
  • Evaluation and comparison of client/prospect MEC/MVP/Indemnity Plan?
  • Evaluation and comparison of the top competitive MEC/MVP/Indemnity Plans available on the marketplace?

*Conversion StrategyRestructured hourly workforce benefit plan, removing self-funding and ACA compliance elements and reducing cost to employer.

Target employers:

Hourly Employees in These Industries

Food services



​Home Health


​Nursing homes

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Meet the real  William

The real life William (Hammett) delivers over 38 years of management and sales experience along with a substantial national reputation as a pioneer in commercial limited medical benefits along with hands on experience evaluating and introducing ACA compliant solutions to low income hourly workforce employers.

Bill has been tremendous mentor to me allowing and encouraging meaningful discussions on various topics and he has been a wealth of knowledge in ACA matters and the hourly worker markets”

Bruce C. Lichtenberg

Lichtenberg Insurance Services

In recent years, Mr. Hammett has been called upon to conduct training for employers and brokers, the goal being to better understand a very unique compliance and implementation strategy for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) using the so called “MEC” or “Skinny Option” as the platform.

“Bill is a wealth of knowledge. From the initial quoting of our skinny plan groups, to the sale and implementation of the plans, Bill is an extension of our team.  We count on his expertise to help us manage the day to day challenges that face us and our clients”

Senior Vice President/Director
Employee Benefits DivisionPoms & Associates Insurance Brokers